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About Me

I have been working as a freelancer for more than five years. It always impresses me when I find new things and the latest knowledge. I think life is boundless but I know no bounds.

Work experience:

Graduated from university, I found a job as a test engineer and had worked for 5 years. I learned everything about software clearly and always wrote media articles on my free time.

As people are gradually keen to record and share their lives with videos, video editing has become a trend, and I am also interested in it. After researching, I started to write related blog posts for many different websites from 2014.


During the years of writing. I have published content about video edit, photo edit, video convert, movie downloads on various website, like, or, etc.

I decided to join in HitPaw as they are pros in video editing technologies and I was highly attracted by stunning movies and videos, it’s my pleasure to work for this field every day.


There are only two options on my weekends, watch movie or go travelling. Fantasy movies make me forget the reality and travelling gives me the inspiration. What’s more? I have two cats and a lovely dog.

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